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Olympia High School Students earn the SLAVE FREE ZONE Seal, Marking the First School in the Nation to join the #SlaveFreeZone Campaign

(Olympia, WA, June 10 th , 2016) –Diamond Technology Innovations, a leading global manufacturer of waterjet orifices for the waterjet cutting industry, along with The TronieFoundation, an Olympia-based non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and slavery, announces the launch of the #SlaveFreeZone seal, a first-of-its-kind communication tool schools can earn to help fight human trafficking. Today, Olympia High School students will be honored for their year-long efforts to establish a Slave Free Zone on school campus and to urge its widespread adoption to additional schools across the nation.

The Slave Free Zone seal is a visual marker designed specifically for schools to communicate that they have due diligence mechanisms in place and they are actively taking steps to prevent forced labor and raise awareness of human trafficking. Under the leadership of Matt Grant, principal of Olympia High School, teachers are educating students that slavery did not end in 1865, and that a modern-day form of slavery is prevalent in the 21 st century. Kristin Costello became the lead teacher, encouraging her students to educate, promote, network and scrutinize on this issue. Jason Peetz, OHS’s alternative programs teacher has created the Freedom Farmer curriculum to train students on ethical sourcing in agriculture. Students at Olympia High School began their first day of school educating their peers on this topic, and throughout the year they have taken concrete action to raise awareness, support former trafficking victims, and prevent human trafficking within their school’s purchases and services.

“Pursuing and earning the Slave-Free Zone status has helped our students understand how their personal choices impact our global picture.  It puts our students in an active role where they believe they can be difference-makers. I am confident they will leave OHS with a life-long consciousness about this global issue,” said Matt Grant, Olympia High School Principal.

In support of dti™’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program dedicated to the betterment of people through education, Tanya Jernigan, CFO and Vice President of Diamond Technology Innovations stated, “We are proud to have collaborated with the Tronie Foundation on such an important education initiative and our congratulations go out to OHS for their hard work and dedication in earning the first ever Slave Free Zone seal! We are so excited to see the impact that schools locally, across the country, and one day internationally will have in the fight against human trafficking. It is our strong belief that abolishment is possible when businesses as well as the leaders of tomorrow take a stand, make purposeful buying decisions and continue to spread awareness within their communities.”

About Diamond Technology Innovations:

Diamond Technology Innovations (dti™) is the global leader in diamond orifice manufacturing for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries. dti™ promotes their Corporate Social Responsibility Program’s vision of ethical business practices and the betterment of people both locally and globally with a strong focus in education. dti™ believes, organizations should be accountable for business relationships, work to eliminate vulnerabilities in supply chains and where modern slavery or other human rights abuse is identified, organizations should take corrective action and work together with suppliers and business partners. dti™ aims to be transparent about their actions and business operations and lead by example.


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