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The tetraCORE™ orifice is a proprietary, mid-grade diamond product designed and manufactured exclusively by dti™ for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries. We offer a broad range of standard and custom tetraCORE™ sizes and assembly styles engineered for your specific applications.


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Precision engineered to offer predictable performance, tetraCORE™ waterjet orifices make upgrading to diamond and increasing efficiency a viable option for almost anyone in waterjet cutting, cleaning or blasting. Manufactured under tightly controlled conditions, tetraCORE™ approaches the hardness and wear resistance of premium dtiCORE™ diamond, but at a more affordable price point due to manufacturing efficiencies. Extensive testing and several years of field data of tetraCORE™’s durability, consistently delivered 400 or more cut hours – a full 10-15 times longer than ruby & sapphire orifices could deliver.

Predictable Performance

10-15 X the Life of Ruby & Sapphire

Significantly Reduced Down Time

Minimized Material Waste

Diamond orifices are the most reliable and cost-effective nozzles available, but premium single crystal is not for everyone simply due to upfront cost restraints. This is why dti™ created the tetraCORE™ Diamond orifice to offer a mid-grade diamond with predictable performance at an affordable price point. With a retail price of just $149 USD each, upgrading to diamond is now a viable option for anyone and a great way to test the waters on all the diamond orifice hype. Additionally, we work with many of our Distributors and OEMs to offer first-time user promotions, such as buy one get one deals making the switch from ruby or sapphire a no-brainer.  

Prices may vary from MSRP, contact distributor for more details.

A breakthrough in material science, tetraCORE™ is the first new grade of orifice material introduced into the waterjet industry in over 30 years. An elaborate technology engineered at the atomic level, tetraCORE™ is the achievement of a strategic structuring of the atomic lattice and has been designed to employ an extremely tough and durable tetrahedral bond that will resist erosion, chipping and fracturing, while reducing operating costs.

The team of waterjet orifice experts at dti™ were facing the challenge of creating a grade of orifice material that would outlast its rival, synthesized corundum – known in the industry as sapphire and ruby – by a factor of at least 10 fold and serve as a product that could bridge the sizable price gap between unpredictable corundum and premium diamond. After several years of development, dti™ was able to accomplish its goals, resulting in a perfect recipe of material science and manufacturing processes that generate an effective, reasonably priced waterjet orifice assembly.


tetraCORE orifices and nozzles
10 - 15 times longer life than ruby/sapphire
2 - 3 times longer life than PCD
Brinderless structure eliminates premature edge erosion
Greater jet stream consistency
Reduced operating costs
Predictable wear over the product lifetime
Excellent reliability in harsh AWJ environments
Less supervision required


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