The number one cause of orifice failure is particle impact. Debris from within your system such as metal or plastic particles from high-pressure tubing or conventional filters, or from HP seals, or other line-borne contaminants can quickly plug, chip, or crack your waterjet orifice and bring production to a hult. The dti™ Diamond Guard Filter is the most simple and effective solution to protect your orifice investment and prevent unnecessary downtime.

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Plugged or Chipped Orifices

Premature Wear of Cutting Head Components

Reduced Jet Stream Coherency

Inefficient Cutting

Within the internal components of every waterjet system, errant particles become dislodged and travel through the high pressure lines. These particles end up at the waterjet orifice, impacting and potentially damaging the orifice edge. When debris is larger than the hole in the orifice, the orifice assembly becomes plugged or partially blocked.


The dti™ Diamond Guard Filter is designed to simply and effectively capture debris larger than .0055” (0,14mm) from impacting or blocking the orifice. Any particles small enough to pass through the DG Filter will also exit safely through the hole of the waterjet orifice.

DG Filters and Adapters allow for ease of installation in any waterjet system’s 1/4” or 3/8” high pressure lines. The DG Filter is installed as close to the waterjet orifice assembly as possible, with the most common location being in the HP fitting at the on/off valve assembly.

When paired with any dti™ orifice assembly, the dti™ Diamond Guard Filter ensures precision cutting throughout every job.

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