Close-up DTI Waterjet Cuts for Leatherman Tool Group

DTI Waterjet Cuts for Leatherman Tool Group

Demonstrating true Strategic Partnership, Diamond Technology Innovations’ contract manufacturing division, named dtiEXACT™, executed a waterjet cutting assist to Leatherman Tool Group, helping them achieve a new product launch in record time.

Leatherman, an American manufacturer of multi tools, located in Portland, Oregon, contacted dtiEXACT about producing a special product to solve some of the problems faced in today’s current climate and they needed the product launch in just a few weeks. Rising to the challenge, dtiEXACT’s next-day bid was accepted, and within 2 weeks the team assisted with finalized product designs, procured materials, manufactured custom tooling, set up CNC machines, expedited first test batches and then began shipments on production run parts.

To accomplish all of this rapidly and efficiently, dtiEXACT utilized its Flow Mach-300 waterjet cutting system combined with DTI’s ultra-long lasting dtiCORE™ Diamond orifices (also known as the Diamond Inside) for zero unnecessary down time to change out poor quality orifices. The collaboration with Leatherman has been a true testament of dtiEXACT’s ability to work quickly, adapt to design needs on the fly and communicate effectively to achieve a common goal and ultimate customer satisfaction.

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