For over 30 years, Diamond Technology Innovations ( dti™) has been the global leader in waterjet orifice manufacturing for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries. Founded on our commitment to innovation and unbeatable quality, our mission is continuous improvement and optimization of our products, processes, and the waterjetting industries. As a key supplier to waterjet OEMs and Distributors, dti™ adds unparalleled value as a strategic partner offering American-made quality, expert engineering, trusted reliability, and proven performance.


dtiCORE logo

dtiCORE logo

  • Most reliable orifice on earth
  • Approx. 600-1200 hrs cutting time
  • Preferred by Waterjet OEMs worldwide
  • Only orifice to withstand 90K pis applications

dtiEXACT logo

dtiEXACT logo

  • Full service, precision manufacturing
  • R&D Collaboration
  • Super hard material manufacturing
  • AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified

tetraCORE logo

tetraCORE logo

  • Mid-grade diamond orifice material
  • Delivering affordable, reliable performance
  • Up to 10x longer life than ruby & sapphire
  • Cut with confidence
slice2 logo

dtiCORE logo

  • Integrated dtiCORE™ Diamond Cutting Head
  • Optimum jet stream alignment
  • 360° abrasive inlet rotation
  • Multi-system adaptability and ease of use
dtiUTILITY logo

dtiUTILITY logo

  • Most superior ruby and sapphires available
  • Average life of 40 hours
  • Acceptable for 60K psi applications and below
  • Trusted material quality and manufacturing standards

fantomJET logo

fantomJET logo

  • True fan jet made entirely from tetraCORE™
  • The only fan jet rated up to 60K psi
  • Removes up to 5X the material of a single jet
  • Easy adaptability with no rebuild kits or internal spares


Spare Bedroom into State-of-the-Art Facilities

From the start, dti™ has been a company deeply rooted in the American Dream. Founded in 1992 and operating out of the spare bedroom of the founder and president, Ted Jernigan’s home, in Olympia, WA, dti has made a long journey to where it is today. Though the journey was not always easy, with an at home business and family to support, the company prospered through Ted’s knowledge of what the waterjet industry was desperately lacking along with the support of the people who believed he could see his dream to fruition.

dti - Our Story - beginnings

Backed with 12 years of on the job experience building, installing and troubleshooting waterjet systems as a field engineer and special projects manager for Flow international, Ted was well aware of the industry’s weakest link – unpredictable and unreliable ruby and sapphire waterjet orifices. With this insight and new, innovative diamond processing techniques, the small spare bedroom business quickly expanded to the garage and on up to the three building facility it is today.

dti™ TODAY

3 buildings & over 30,000 sq feet
dti staff photo outside of facility

Diamond Technology Innovations is now comprised of over 30,000 square feet of top-of-the-line manufacturing area, 100% vertical integration with cutting-edge, in-house manufacturing division and an ever growing employee count.

dti™ has come very far from its humble beginnings, but at its core will always be innovation, impeccable precision and family.



The current success of dti™’s Diamond products can be attributed to more than 30 years of mastering hundreds of challenging processes and carrying each one out with meticulous accuracy. From the beginning dti™ promised to hold our products to a higher standard – increased longevity, uncompromising consistency, superior alignment and greater precision. We set goals that many thought unattainable. But dti™ rose to the challenge. From raw material selection to high-pressure testing, every step optimizes the final result: an as-near-to-perfect-as-possible waterjet orifice. dti™ applies these same principles to machining jewels for various industrial applications. Whether it is metal fabrication or drilling, brazing, shaping or cutting super-materials, dti™ is always driven toward perfection.



dti™ is committed to customer satisfaction, teamwork and continuous improvement. We strive to surpass customer expectations for quality, value and delivery. Supplying exceptional customer service and total customer satisfaction are our top priorities.



A better waterjet system starts with the best orifice. Be it ruby, sapphire dtiCORE™ Diamond or tetraCORE™, a dti™ waterjet orifice is engineered and tested to deliver optimum performance every time. This dedication to perfection has made dti™ waterjet orifices the OEM choice inside top waterjet brands.



We are committed to delivering products to our customers on time every time.

Product Reliability

Superior product quality and consistency are the foundation of dti™ and every product is held to this standard as measured against the customer’s needs and requirements.

Mutual Prosperity

Customers, Employees and Suppliers are vital to our business success and the relationships we build with each of them begin with the success of all parties. The trust and mutual prosperity that result from each of our relationships are incredibly valuable to dti™ and mean significant time and money saved.

Continual Improvement

At dti™, internal manufacturing processes and procured products are consistently reviewed to identify and improve ways to deliver success. Through continual improvement, each member of the team looks daily for better, faster and more efficient company-wide solutions ensuring dti™ is always a step ahead of the status quo.

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