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DTI Expands Capacity

For years, our team at DTI has successfully based our production capabilities on industry needs, manufacturing the highest quality, best-in-class waterjet products and services for our customers.

The disruption caused by the global COVID pandemic resulted in an increased demand, which was coupled with supply chain shortages. These problems lengthened our lead time significantly for some products.

During this challenging time, DTI has worked with you, our customers, to ensure that your highest priority parts are delivered. We appreciate all you have done to order much further in advance to accommodate the current landscape.

Sharing Our Progress

While our team has been addressing current pressing challenges, we have also planned for the future. Over the last year, we have made significant investments in our equipment, people, and processes to expand our capacity to better serve you. Here are some highlights:

  • Equipment. DTI has made significant investments in capital equipment to ensure uninterrupted production while boosting our overall capacity.
  • Employees. We have already added and continue to hire new team members in many divisions. Current employees are incentivized to recommend prospective ones, have cross training and promotion opportunities, and are being offered compensation, flexible schedules, and other benefits to increase retention.
  • Additional Shift. DTI has added a shift in our nozzle assembly division to meet customers’ rising quantity and timeframe requirements.
  • Operations. We have addressed inefficiencies, floor space requirements, and safety in our production facility.
  • Inventory. Our team has stocked up on both raw materials and needed tooling to minimize supply chain challenges and reduce risks in the future.
  • Workflow. Workflow planning and workstation organization has streamlined our processes to produce quality parts quickly. We have identified and removed bottlenecks to increase capacity.
  • Training and Development. We have added training and development programs focused on increasing capacity.

Benefits for You

As the world returns to a new normal, DTI has come through these turbulent times even stronger and more ready to serve you than before the pandemic. Our recent investments will help us continue delivering the high value products and services you’ve come to expect with lead times rapidly dropping to pre-COVID levels. Our goal is to help your business to grow and thrive in these uncertain times and well beyond.

DTI is at your service, ready to assist with your urgent part needs or your next project. Give us a call today to speak with our team: 360.866.1337  |  [email protected]


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